"I have been using BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insole system in my Podiatry practice across all age groups and clinical conditions for over 8 years now, with outstanding results. It is one of the very important tools that allows me to “de-orthoticise” feet and restore better gait patterns in almost all patients and fits in to the important philosophy of promoting good foot function."


— Bronwyn Cooper
    Podiatrist with better alternatives





Restore your patients' natural gait parameters— "barefoot walking" with

The only muscle strengthening and proprioceptive facilitation insole


  • Clinically proven
  • Improves balance & posture
  • Relieves painful symptoms & restores foot function
  • Builds core foot strength for natural gait
  • No heat moulding
  • No more shoe fit problems
  • 3/4 will fit into "wrong" shoes and minimalist shoe eg. FiveFingers
  • High patient compliance



Why are major shoe brands racing to produce models with minimalist support?


Because arbitrary support and cushioning features change gait parameters due to the interference with the foot's neurosensory input. References to this are extensive and date back over 10 years, hence the "new" trend to "old" technique— Barefoot walking and running, says specialist Podiatrist in this area, Bronwyn Cooper.


Restoring this function changes most weight bearing pain immediately and reduces oedema. This device is so successful and user-friendly that one physio practice has ordered 30 pairs in 2 months and one chiro's first order for 25 pairs was followed up the next week with another order for 16 pairs.


You can now stock BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ in your clinics and showrooms. Why not take up this great opportunity to help your patients and customers to walk and run pain free!

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Runner's flat feet transformed after 14 weeks!..