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Bronwyn is passionate about helping other healthcare practitioners to get their patients to walk and run pain free. You can see her videos here


Here is a video of Bronwyn explaining on how to use BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ and how it can easily assist in better walking and running, improve stability, reduce peak force and strengthen foot muscles..


She is also dedicated in teaching her patients to walk and run better. She uses a range of physiological/ therapeutic footwear to treat her patients, in order to help improve their gait and posture, strengthen muscles and reduce stress on weight-bearing joints.


In the video below, Bronwyn uses FitFlop to help relieve severe foot pain of a patient.





Patient: 69-year-old, Male

Presenting problem:

  • Chronic and severe right foot pain
  • Anatomical flat foot foot type-- "Pes Planus"
  • Severely pronated right foot with mid foot collapse and badly affected gait


Diagnosis: Probable tarsal coalition with arthritis


In the "before" video, he walks with a pronounced limp, even his arm swing is affected. In the "after" video, his gait and posture have improved significantly due to immediate relief of pain.




In the video below, Bronwyn uses MBT Physiological Footwear to treat a patient who suffered from a pronounced limp due severe ankle pain.



Patient: 58-year-old, female

Presenting problem: Very painful gait



  • Fractured right ankle (tibia, fibula) 3 months prior, surgically repaired with 7 screws a time
  • Patient on the day of filming has only been out of her moon boots for 2 weeks, and was back at work which requires her to stand on concrete floors in safety boots
  • Her right ankle and rear foot are still swollen and stiff
  • Foot type/ anatomy otherwise "normal"


In the "before" video, patient walks with a pronounced limp, due to pain and has to hold onto the wall as she turns around. In the "after" video, gait and demeanour have improved dramatically due to the immediate relief of pain in MBT sandals.







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