"My experience with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ has been nothing short of a miracle cure for my knee pain. I ran the City2Surf without any problems, and wasn't even sore afterward so it exceeded my expectations." L.H., NSW


"I noticed a reduction of intensity to back pain I had been experiencing [medical history of spondylilothesis] and over the past few days have continued to wear BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ as much as I can."



“I just wanted to thank you for making my feet feel so much better... I can't believe that my feet feel so much better with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™. I can't believe that I wore my rigid orthotics for so long and in doing so was in so much pain.” — K.A., NSW 



"For the past 8 years I have been having troubles with my left Achilles tendon. It would become stiff and sore and I would find it hard to run. I would rest it for three to six months and start running again but it would return. I had seen doctors and physios to try and correct the problem but nothing seemed to work. I was resigned to bike riding.


"I saw Bronwyn in Sydney and she told me that BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ would fix my problem. I was very skeptical at first. It has now been over 6 months since I have been using BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ and I am very pleased with the result. In fact, I plan to do a 14 Km run shortly. R.M., VIC



“Arrived at Congress wearing traditional orthotics, but still not walking correctly, resulting in abdominal pain (lower back). Bronwyn noticed my condition and suggested I try the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™. Results after a few hours – no pain in legs and lower back. My Chiropractor commented on how much better my ‘walking’ was next day.” — R.C., NSW



From healthcare practitioners:


"...the dynamic 'rehabilitative' approach that BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ stimulate in the body vs. the static “bracing” theory that traditional orthotics tend to use ... I see many lower kinetic chain complaints in this office and BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is a logical aid to treatment." Daryl T. Bossence, B.Sc., D.C.  



“After trying a pair of Barefoot Science for myself, I found that my left foot pronation was being addressed and corrected a related back problem. I have prescribed rigid orthotics for patients for 20 years, but have not seen the results that many of my patients have gotten from BAREFOOTSCIENCE™. My patients have achieved better balance, less pronation and alleviated foot pain."David Carmont, Chiropractor, Grafton, NSW


“Natural gait is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.” — Dr William Rossi, American Podiatrist & Footwear guru



“I have used BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ on some of my toughest cases of plantar fasciitis, Tibialis posterior tendinosis and metatarsalgia and have had excellent results. These are people who have tried and failed traditional orthotics, stretches and various other devices. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ are easy to sell as people can see the logic in the approach. Thoroughly happy with the product and service.”Mark Gillham, Physiotherapist, NSW 



From Bronwyn's patients:


“Bronwyn is the first person that’s been able to and interested in helping me.”

— J.H., NSW



“I came to see Bronwyn a few months back with chronic pain in my left foot and suspected Mortons Neuroma. To be honest I was a bit skeptical if such a simple solution that BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ would make any difference.


"Well I am please to say it has. I still have slight tingling in the toes but there has been a huge improvement with the feeling and strength in both toes. Since starting the system I have had only one short and minor ‘nerve attack’ and the occasional tingle but none of the sharp and crippling attacks of before.”
— N.H., NSW



“Bronwyn has been looking after my complicated and frustrating feet and lower limb problems since 1985. During that time, I have had three knee replacements, multiple both foot operations, and many hip surgeries due to my many forms of Arthritis. My previous life as a full pack bush walker and many treks in the Himalayas had greatly contributed to my Arthritic conditions.


"Bronwyn has always been interested in me and my problems and thinks outside the square– which has certainly been necessary with my complex problems. She goes out of her way to keep abreast of changed treatment trends, and persists no matter how involved the situation is or was. She has been able to provide solutions that were at times, integral to keep me walking! I have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn for any person trying to learn or relearn to walk properly and/or wanting advice and solutions for looking after your feet.” — P.G., NSW




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