INJINJI GOLF Original Weight No Show

Injinji Toesocks

The human foot has toes to facilitate proper balance, posture, stability and grip. Each series of Injinji patented Toesocks are specifically designed to enable our entire foot to perform naturally and efficiently from your feel to five toes inside your shoe. By providing a restriction free environment, your toes are able to become more activated, providing you with increased dexterity, tactile sensitivity and allowing them to perform as they were intended.

In addition, the flat knit weave and seamless construction of the Toesock means there is nothing to rub or irritate the foot within the shoe providing an excellent interface to prevent common foot problems from developing like blisters, hot spots, moisture build-up, transference of fungal conditions and neuromas caused by improper footwear and athletic form.
  • INJINJI GOLF Original Weight No Show
    INJINJI GOLF Original Weight No ShowINJINJI GOLF Original Weight No Show

    Price: $24.95

    Injinji’s NEW Golf specific sock is the ultimate sock for hitting the links. The original weight padding is the perfect amount for the demanding game of golf, while the new proprietary Tour-Venting™ breathing system provides 360 degrees of air-cooled comfort. Like all Injinji’s, the new Golf specific sock completely eliminates skin-on-skin friction, wicks more moisture and will improve your balance. Just some more great reasons to stay on-par by wearing Injinji.

    • Natural Toe Splay

    • Blister Prevention

    • Superior Moisture Management

    • Arch Support

    • Better gripping and balance inside shoe

    • Toe mobility which allows stronger, healthier feet

    Fiber content:
    28% COOLMAX® 67% Nylon
    5% Lycra®
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