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Maximise your performance and get a step ahead with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is based on a scientific philosophy regarding “natural” foot function that incorporates proven concepts from various specialised medical disciplines including: 


  • neuromuscular physiology
  • rehabilitative medicine
  • musculoskeletal mechanical physics and 
  • adaptive bone remodeling


“Stimulates, Strengthens, and Restores Optimal Foot Function”


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Foot Strengthening System is not an instant fix but, with consistent use, works inside the shoe like a rehabilitative exercise program to safely and naturally stimulate, strengthen, and restore healthy foot function, while optimising performance and comfort.


The stabilised foot and improved muscle function facilitate optimal bone alignment, not only in the foot, but up through the body. The net result is a stronger, stable, more efficient structure that is capable of managing greater forces with reduced stress–– increasing athletic performance and comfort, while minimising the risk of injury. 


Optimal Foot Dynamics


Optimal Foot Dynamics exhibit an ideally aligned musculoskeletal structure, capable of the most efficient management of the forces generated through three-dimensional weightbearing bipedal activities. The greatest degree of muscular energy is available and/or utilised during activities, i.e., for performance and agility. Research indicates that the foot’s proprioceptive feedback mechanisms play an integral role (as a reflex catalyst) in stimulating the necessary musclefiring sequences that contribute to the foot’s ideal structural mechanics (stability), relative to terrain and activity levels.


Conventional Foot Care/Footwear Philosophy


Supportive/ cushioning footwear and orthotic products are commonly recommended in the treatment and prevention of a host of foot problems. Unfortunately, recent research clearly demonstrates that cushioning and supportive products inhibit and prevent the natural foot dynamics required for optimal, healthy, musculoskeletal function.


Cushioning inhibits the sensory input required for Optimal Foot Dynamics––in effect destabilising the foot, e.g. over-pronation, etc. Orthotics and supportive footwear are recommended to support (brace) the feet in an attempt to prevent (restrict) the unwanted movement (instability).


Again, unfortunately, just as a splint or a cast affects the musculoskeletal structure, the use of supportive footwear and orthotics leads to a further weakening of the structure (muscle atrophy, loss of bone mass, joint stiffness) and an increased dependency on the artificial support. Conventional footwear and orthotic products inhibit optimal athletic performance because varying degrees of muscular energy are required to (over) compensate for poor (inefficient) structural alignment.


Active Stimulus vs. Passive Support Cushioning


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Foot Strengthening System features a distinctive dome design that promotes a progressive treatment program to re-educate and remodel (Stimulate- Strengthen-Restore) the foot towards a biomechanical ideal.


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ provides the safe and natural neuromuscular stimulation required for Optimal Foot Dynamics in response to increased activity levels, regardless of activity (standing, walking, running, or side-to-side cutting movements). It allows the foot unrestricted three-dimensional ground contact while encouraging optimal structural alignment.


The System’s effectiveness is fully realised when complemented by BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patent pending footwear designs. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ products are used by professional and world-class athletes, e.g. Track & Field, NFL, CFL, CBA, Strong Man competitions, figure skating, and ballet. In fact, Olympic Silver Medallist Francis Obikwelu has been a BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ user since 2000.


“It was while searching for an extra light orthotic for track and field spikes six years ago that I chanced upon the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Foot Strengthening System. From the get go I was getting feedback that these inserts were preferred by the athletes over their original products. I have seen ironing board flat feet transform into pain free normal functioning feet.”


— Lawrence S. Bell B.Sc., M.Sc., D.C., F.C.C.S.S. (C), F.I.C.O.


“Years of research and testing have lead to the development of one of the most comprehensive systems on injury prevention. By strengthening and securing the often-neglected structures of the foot, an individual develops a more anatomically correct body alignment and thus lessens the amount of torque and strain on the knees, hips and spine.


I am proud to endorse and support the advancement of BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ technologies. I highly recommend their products to any individual who aspires to develop and/or maintain their health, fitness and athletic performance.”


— Tudor Bompa Ph.D., Full Professor, York University, and leading world specialist in the area of training/coaching for elite athletes



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