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Test run event with Hoka One One


Highly recommended by marathon runners to combat muscle soreness and fatigue, Hoka One One has pioneered a new philosophy in running by merging aspects of minimalism and maximalism. Aside from being light, flexible and agile, Hoka One One’s oversized midsole and outsole is also designed to assist natural foot motion and efficient running mechanics.


Dr Foot Solutions Podiatry Clinic and Footwear Outlet specialise in restoring natural foot function, will be running a test run event, in conjunction with Hoka One One on Saturday 21 July at 2pm.


Hoka One One’s national sale representative and long distance runner, Roger Hanney will be demonstrating a few key techniques on how to run and walk with a better form, in order to avoid injuries and prolong the enjoyment of sport. Runners and walkers will be able to trial and experience Hoka One One shoes at the Bay Run and this event is free of charge.


For more information, please contact Dr Foot Solutions on 02 9181 2113 or




12 JULY 2012.







October is "Foot Health Month 2011"


According to the Australasian Podiatry Council, at least 85 people across Australia are losing a foot every week due to diabetes-related foot complications and this figure is on the rise.


In fact, recent research by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows that an estimated 898,800 Australians were diagnosed with diabetes in 2007-2008, with about 96% of them over 35 and 43% were aged 65 and above.


Foot Health Month 2011 aims to bring foot health awareness about the importance of healthy feet for diabetics as well as healthcare practitioners.


“Many diabetics seem to disregard the well-being and conditions of their feet other than keeping in between their toes dry,” said Foot Expert Bronwyn Cooper. “They often forget that the muscles in their feet need to be stimulated and strengthened up, too.”


Cooper, of Sydney’s Dr Foot Solutions, has been in the Podiatry industry for over 37 years. She has been actively “de-orthocising” her diabetic patients for the last seven years. Her treatment includes the use of BAREFOOTSCIENCE™, an insole system that stimulates neurosensory input and encourages proprioceptive feedback.


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ features a distinctive ‘posture dome’ designed not only to ease tension on the foot and improves the circulation by massaging it with each step, but also ‘awaken’ neglected postural muscles of the foot and stimulates weaker ones to become stronger. This allows foot muscles to be placed in a correct position while walking and standing; thus, promotes better posture, movement patterns and blood flow circulation in the body and reduces pressure sores for diabetics.


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is a great tool for those who suffer from diabetes in preventing damages to the feet due to poor circulation,” explained Cooper. “And this could be very beneficial in the long run like reducing the risk of diabetic neuropathy and other chronic problems.”


Research has shown as far back as 2004 that the small muscles of the foot have halved in size before detection of loss of sensation in a diabetic complication called ‘Clinical Neuropathy’ occur.


“Healthy circulation in the feet is important, but having strong feet is just as important for diabetics.” added Cooper.


For more information or arrange an interview or comment from Bronwyn Cooper, please contact:

Bronwyn Cooper Podiatrist/ Footgear Clinician

0415 448 259 or



19 OCTOBER 2011.


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Visitors enlightened by Podiatrist Talk


Visitors to the 2011 Activate Expo over the weekend were left impressed and enlightened following Podiatrist Bronwyn Cooper’s presentation on the four different categories of footwear and how to choose the suitable one for each individual.


Cooper of Sydney's Dr Foot Solutions, held the audience captive with her presentation “The Truth about Sport and Walking Shoes” on Centre Stage on both days of the Expo, at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre. She explained there are currently four distinctive categories of sports shoes on the market which are—'Minimalist', 'Supportive', 'Neutral or less supportive' and 'Therapeutic'.


  • 'Minimalist’— a type of footwear that does not provide any support;
  • ‘Supportive’— provides full support to the foot and restricts foot function;
  • ‘Neutral or less supportive’— only has a support to the foot to a certain extend;
  • ‘Therapeutic’— offers physiological benefits like improved posture and circulation, and are normally fitted by healthcare practitioners.


However, according to Cooper, not all of them would help improve musculoskeletal function as most restrict the runner or walker from utilising the full function of their feet and do not allow neurological feedback. She further explained how the proper way of planting the feet would not only optimise better foot function but also build strong feet.


“The ultimate goal for all should be to build strong feet” said Cooper. “As strong feet are the base of support for everything up [through the body].”


The crowd was captivated and enlightened that the well-being and conditions of their feet in reality, are more important than shoes.


“I’ve always had a lot of problems with my feet like flat feet, bunions and weak ankles,” said one visitor. “I had never understood why my comfy shoes were not working for me.”


“But Bronwyn has explained so clearly that I must get my feet stronger rather than relying on [passive] support.”


“I’m so glad I came to the presentation.”


For more information or arrange an interview or comment from Bronwyn Cooper, please contact:

Bronwyn Cooper Podiatrist/ Footgear Clinician

0415 448 259 or



18 OCTOBER 2011.






The Truth about Sport and Walking Shoes


With a considerable amount of discussion in the media lately about the development and benefits of barefoot running, many walkers and runners are keen to change to a minimal shoe. However, without the right advice to make this adjustment, they risk suffering fresh injuries or further aggravating their existing ones.


Bronwyn Cooper, the Podiatrist/ Specialist Footgear Clinician of Dr Foot Solutions in Drummoyne, Sydney, has been in the Podiatry industry for over 37 years. She believes being able to function in a "barefoot" manner should be a goal for all. In fact, she has been actively restoring natural foot function for her patients for the last seven years.


This is the first time that Dr Foot Solutions is exhibiting at the Activate Expo, a newly launched expo showcasing the seven aspects of family, body, nutrition, home, leisure, goals and mind to enable a more holistic approach to solving the need for improved overall health and lifestyle.


Bronwyn will be sharing her knowledge and explaining to the public the present trend towards barefoot walking and running, the four different categories of sport shoes currently on the market and which style will suit individuals.


She will be presenting "The Truth about Sport and Walking Shoes" on Centre Stage at the Activate Expo, Newcastle Entertainment Centre on both 15th and 16th October at 10.30am.


For more information, please visit Dr Foot Solutions at Stall J13 at the Activate Expo or contact Bronwyn on 0415 448 259 or



13 OCTOBER 2011.






Foot Expert: Why Barefoot is the Way to Go


Sydney Podiatrist and Footgear Clinician Bronwyn Cooper believes that runners and walkers can both avoid injuries and reduce their existing ones by switching to barefoot or minimalist shoes, but must do so with gradual transition as well as professional help and advice.


Recent research shows that 60-85% of runners are injured every year, and conventional sports shoes are to blame. They are deemed to be too restrictive by bracing the feet and not allowing enough movement for the foot muscles to strengthen naturally.


These alarming figures have prompted major sportswear companies like Nike and Reebok to develop minimalist footwear to “tackle” the problem, and it is the fastest growing sector in the sports shoe market. Nike has removed support from their fastest growing sports model since 2005, with Adidas launching its first barefoot shoe in 2012, while non-sports brands like Rockport and Ecco have already joined in the trend.


“This is providing a great variety of choices in the market, but consumers should be careful when making the change,” warned Cooper.


“Conventional footwear and orthotics have stiff components and do not allow the muscles to strengthen, so your feet end up becoming weaker through inactivity,” explained Cooper “Runners and walkers can aggravate their injuries further if they change to those minimalist shoes straight away.”


Cooper, with 37 years of experience in the footcare and footgear industry, has been “de-orthotising” her patients for the past six years. This treatment includes the use of BAREFOOTSCIENCE™, which is an insole system that stimulates and activates intrinsic muscles in the feet, while promoting better movement patterns and posture.


Backed with 20 years of research, BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is clinically proven to build strong feet and stimulate neurosensory input or “biofeedback”. It is the only insole system that works along minimalist or barefoot lines, enhancing proprioceptive input and resulting in better foot placement and less risk of injury. Cooper believes this is the future of healthy feet.


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ acts like a gym for neglected postural muscles of the foot and stimulates weaker muscles to increase resistance level as they become stronger,” said Cooper. “It allows runners and walkers to transition from fully supportive shoes, whether sports, casual or dress to minimalist or no support footgear safely and pain-free.”


“This is the future for healthy feet, and being able to function in a “barefoot” manner should be the goal for all.” BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is available in full and 3/4 lengths. Unlike traditional insoles and orthotics that merely brace or cushion the foot, the unique patented design safely stimulates and strengthens the foot's supporting muscle groups.


To talk to Bronwyn about BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ or arrange an interview or comment from her, please contact:

Bronwyn Cooper

Podiatrist/ Footgear Clinician


27 SEPTEMBER 2011.



02 9181 2113


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