MBT quits Australia

MBT quits Australia – for time being?

Like many other retailers, we were shocked to find that MBT are no longer supporting sales within Australia. Like some other MBT stockists, we have a number of models in stock, including the light weight, introductory price point rocker Speed 16 and 17. At $149.95 RRP, they are a good value rocker shoe.


Rehabilitation Podiatrist and consultant in chronic pain and footgear, Bronwyn Cooper, is the longest standing local retailer of MBT. With specialised knowledge acquired over the past 12 years, Bronwyn is Australia’s leading clinician in the application of physiological/rocker footwear across a multitude of clinical problems, including those affecting;


  Forefoot, midfoot, heel and ankle

  Knee, hip  Back, neck and shoulder.


Other physiological/rocker brands that we at Dr Foot Solutions stock include FitFlop, Hoka, Joya, Kybun and OOfos. We also stock Altra, VivoBarefoot and Topo (zero drop). These have heel and ball level, and are also anatomically lasted to allow for spread of toes at push-off in gait and minimise pressure around corns, callouses and ingrown toenails. Like many of our MBT clients over the past 12 years, you may find that one of these other brands meet your needs. We are Australia’s only specialised boutique footgear outlet where you can assess for yourself the effects of different brand features on your own clinical problems.


Dr Foot Solutions also specialise in a progressive foot strengthening orthotic system. Barefoot Science engages the centre of the foot. By putting a ‘destabilising’ effect in the shoe, it allows wearers to enjoy MBT or FitFlop type benefits, while in ordinary footwear. We recommend this to all clients to further strengthen foot and soften foot strike while walking.


With this approach 99% plus of all patients/clients that Bronwyn has seen over the past 7 years (when the Canadian Barefoot Science system first came to Australia) do not need a customised, motion-control orthotic. Note this is consistent with other parts of the body. Clinicians do not usually leave the injured knee, back, elbow etc. braced and splinted with a customised splint.


Should you need an MBT model not currently in stock, we have access to other suppliers’ stock, and may be able to supply your order. However, in view of the many alternatives, we suggest you make an appointment for assessment by Bronwyn so she can advise as to which brands/models features will best help your problem. Note, health fund rebates apply to appointments and some recommended treatments.


Due to the specialised nature of our practice, we also have MLS laser (class 4) medical laser. We are one of only two Podiatry practices to utilise this treatment, that is without peer. Already, over 95% of all Bronwyn’s patients seen over the 12 months that she has had this unit, have experienced significant pain reduction from day 1, across a multitude of complex and diverse problems, many of whom have failed other treatments. When combined with the increased room in shoes that Barefoot Science allows, by engaging the arch, not supporting it, means that bunions, corns, callouses and ingrown toenails, hammer toes and neuromas, all do better, immediately.


Please email or call to enquire about models/sizes of all our footgear, not currently listed on our website.


Ph: 02 9818 2113

Email: walkbetter@drfootsolutions.com.au

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