Further Reading


Research Papers


Why Shoes make Normal Gait Impossible

By Dr William Rossi


Children’s Footwear: Launching Site for Adult Foot Ills
by Dr William Rossi 


The effects of three different levels of footwear stability on pain outcomes in women runners: a randomised control trial

By Michael Ryan, Gordon Valiant, Kymberly McDonald et al.


Running shoes: the real science

By Stuart Miller, Head of Biomechanics, London Sport Institute


Relationships Among Self-reported Shoe Type, Footstrike Pattern, and Injury Incidence [abstract]

By DL Goss and MT Gross


Barefoot Running

By Michael Warburton, Gateway Physiotherapy, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia





Biomechanics of Sport Shoes

By Dr Benno Nigg

  • A highly technical read for coaches, scientists and specialised health professionals


Tread Lightly

By Peter Larson and Bill Katovsky

  • Runners in barefoot-style shoes feel reborn by running more naturally, much like early man did for millions of years. Suitable for runners, this title offers evidence why this minimalist approach to running is here to stay, and is not merely some passing fad.


Born to Run

By Christopher McDougall

  • Not a running manual, but it has a lot of common sense and a good spiritual read for all


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Running

By Dr Craig Richards and Thomas Hollowell


Proprioception— Making Sense of Barefoot Running

By Lee Saxby





Skeletal Biology Lab at Harvard University


Society for Barefoot Living


The Running Clinic, Canada

Good Form Running


Natural Running Center


Willis Street Physiotherapy, New Zealand











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