OOfoam™ Technology

The OOfoam™ was designed by the OOfos Team and a world-class Chemist. Together they developed the OOfoam™.

Independent test results has shown that the OOfoam™ absorbs 37% more shock compared to EVA, which is the most common material found in footwear.

OOFOS with OOfoam Technology is the Ultimate Recovery Footwear for Athletes that can double up as Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion, Heel Spurs and Lower Back Pain Sufferers.

I have been using "physiological and well-being" footwear for 9 years now, often as the key treatment component for clinical problems in weight bearing joints and soft tissue problems.

The soles in this technology function like a dynamic orthotic, rehabilitating and aiding recovery.

OOfos is a great addition to this important category, at a great price point. I am finding the flexible straps stretch for swollen feet, yet once worn, this technology can help reduce swelling.

Wearing these in lieu of bare feet is important until pain and inflammation settles, including osteoarthritis, Achilles Tendonosis, slipped discs and more.

Bronwyn Cooper - Dr Foot Solutions, Drummoyne