"Never imagined that such simplicity would alleviate so many musculoskeletal complaints"
— Dr David Cook

Dr David Cook and Darren James at London South Bank University (LSBU) designed the first FitFlop in 2006, employing patent-pending MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ technology- a micro-version of that used by physical therapists to support rehabilitation and post injury muscle strengthening.

Moulded from ergonimically maximsed triple density EVA, the FitFlop midsole slightly destabilises the wearer's foot while walking, forcing the supporting muscle groups to fire faster and kickstart muscle loading all the way up through the legs and bottom.

The midsole features a:
• High density heel section that absorbs up to 22% more shock
• Low density mid section which increase leg muscle activation by up to 19%
• Mid density toe section that support push off, turns and pace variation*

FitFlop's multi-density midsole causes a unique "floating" phenomenon that almost instantly relieves underfoot hot spot often felt by sufferers of heel spurs or plantar fasciitis and regular wears of high heels or hard soled formal shoes.

(*Studies at LSBU carried out over a 48-month period in the thigh by up to 16% and in the calf by up to 11%)