One day workshop/ seminar run by
Bronwyn Cooper, Podiatrist & Footgear Consultant


"Footwear: Facts, Fallacies
& Clinical Implications"


Sydney — TBA

Brisbane — TBA




Bronwyn now runs seminars/ workshops for healthcare practitioners to have better understanding on the clinical implications of footwear and barefoot function, both walking and running, and their patients' conditions. This information will also be invaluable for staff of sports shoes stores.


You will learn many practical skills that can be immediately implemented in your practice, including:


• How to tell which footgear may be making our patients movement patterns/clinical conditions worse


• Which ones may make them better


• How barefoot “walking” and running technique can benefit our patients


• Why pronation/supination timing is not the most important thing to look for in gait


• Why motion control has been “out of control”


• The implications of this for orthotic therapy


• Why some sports shoe companies now have 4 heel heights and how to pick the right one for your patient


• Why the correct heel may be the most important element of shoe prescription for chronic conditions such as plantar fasciiosis, Achilles tendonosis, arthritis and more


• Simple techniques/tools to restore/stimulate balance in the frail aged, neuromuscular deficits


• Why “orthopaedic” and “diabetic” shoes may not be the best options for these patients


• What shoes children should really be wearing


• How to really understand the shoe companies technical jargon




CPD Points may apply.

Places are limited, download the registration form here.

*Conditions apply. Email or call us on 02 9181 2113 for more details.




02 9181 2113

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