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Dr Foot Solutions wholesales 2 Foot Strengthening products to clinicians and therapists:


1 Barefoot Science

2 Toe Trainers


Dr Foot Solutions has distributed the proprioceptive stimulating and progressive foot strengthening system in Australasia for over 10 years. It has been available in Canada and North America for over 15 years.


If you are a clinician – whether chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, podiatrist, medical, sports, exercise or massage practitioner, you can order with us for use in your own clinic, at clinicians pricing. Order Form   Sizing Chart



“I have used Barefoot orthotics on some of my toughest cases of plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendinosis and metatarsalgia and have had excellent results. These are people who have tried and failed traditional orthotics, stretches and various other devices. Barefoot Science are easy to sell as people can see the logic in the approach. Thoroughly happy with the product and service.”
- Mark Gillham, Physiotherapist, Cowra

“After trying a pair of Barefoot Science for myself, I found that my left foot pronation was being addressed and corrected a related back problem. I have prescribed rigid orthotics for patients for 20 years but have not seen the results that many of my patients have gotten from Barefoot Science. My patients have achieved better balance, less pronation and alleviated foot pain.”
- David Carmont, Chiropractor, Grafton

“I have been “de-orthoticising” debilitated orthotic and shoe affected feet by utilizing muscle activation footgear for over 11 years. Patients love this neuromuscular approach that not only relieves pain but addresses the cause of their problems. Plus, no more fitting problems! Over 95% of my patients choose to wear and continue wearing Barefoot Science.”

- Bronwyn Cooper, Podiatrist, Sydney

Barefoot Science is available in 2 lengths – full length and 3/4 for dress shoes (see Sizing Guide)Therapeutic model is the deluxe version and comes with 7 resistance plugs – the wearer moves up to the next level of resistance/unstable support at weekly intervals. Much like weight training at the gym but in-shoe, with each step, as the wearer walks/runs.


Full length is now available in TherapeuticPLUS – the top cover has addition of Celliant. This material is used in socks, pillow and mattress covers etc as well as Barefoot Science Full Length to stimulate circulation. It does this by harnessing the body’s infra-red light energy, so that body tissue re-absorbs this energy.


Great not just for poor circulation, nerve damage or diabetes, but also recovery from trauma and surgery.


Clinically proven to reduce pain increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels.




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