BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ for Foot Rehabilitation


Unlike ‘motion control’ shoes and orthotics, BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ does not support and cushion the arch or restrict the foot’s motion.

Instead, the unstable rubber dome of the insole puts controlled, incremental pressure under the centre of the foot (like a Birkenstock effect, but softer), the area has the highest concentration of sensory nerves in the foot.


By engaging rather that supporting the arch, the body’s weight is transferred more evenly across the entire foot, thereby offloading the heel and ball. “It’s no coincidence that these are the 2 areas where 90% of all foot pain and problems occur. Once the arch is recruited as a load bearing structure, the foot sits further back inside the shoe, allowing more room for painful bunions, hammer toes, arthritic joints, neuromas, corns, callouses and ingrown nails. The pumping action of the soft rubber gets muscles working with each step helping reduce post injury and post surgery swelling,” says Rehabilitation Podiatrist & Consultant in Chronic Pain and footgear, Bronwyn Cooper.


“Many nurses, and those on their feet all day, know and love MBTs and FitFlops – both also clinically validated. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ works on the ‘instability’ principle of both, but conveniently works inside all footwear helping negate the features of support style shoes and the hard, urban-built environment. Your chronic pain is most likely your body breaking down or reacting to muscles continually being ‘supported’ and inhibited and range of joint motion being reduced, much as happens to the spine in our desk bound sedentary jobs of the modern world.”


“In my 7 years of using this approach, results are possible across ALL clinical problems affecting weightbearing areas, even those who have failed orthotics, steroid injections, shock wave therapy or surgery.”


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ acts on balance control mechanisms, which means stooped clients stand more upright immediately and become more surefooted. I see clients who have spent vast sums on failed treatments and many whose customized orthotics have only made them worse over time by further weakening their feet. Ever wondered why the foot is the only body part continually left ‘splinted’ when custom orthotics are fitted to it? Or why, even if this effect is helpful short-term, one of the 140 plus ‘ready-to-wear’ (pre-formed) orthotics currently available isn’t offered as the first line of treatment?”


“However, a better way to go is with the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ system that is like a gym workout for foot muscles. Experience the benefits of your sensorymotor loop being stimulated rather than inhibited, through the application of this gentle force, in-shoe with each step.




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