About Us


After 27 years in Sydney's CBD both practicing and running a busy multi-disciplinary clinic and specialist footwear outlet, our practice principal Bronwyn Cooper relocated and founded Dr Foot Solutions in 2009, where she continues to follow her passion and specialises in restoring natural foot function, natural walking and running techniques for better outcomes for patients and customers.


Our approach here at the clinic is a rarity among health professionals and shoe suppliers and fitters. We no longer exclusively subscribe to the "school" of modern podiatric biomechanics— a trend of over the past 40 years has led to the unnecessary provision of support and bracing orthotic devices to a large proportion of the community with painful weight-bearing joints and dysfunctional feet. In fact, this notion of support features in all shoes is good for the feet and posture is now being discredited by research of the last 10 years.


Our Mission

Our mission is to get you walking or running pain free and balanced the natural way. We even coach you in a better walking technique to reduce pain and stress whether you are a preschooler who trips, through to a frail aged who is losing balance, or anywhere in between.


We offer cost effective and immediate solutions in a sympathetic and caring manner, providing relevant customer literature and in a warm and friendly environment that is accessible to all.




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