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Why Do I Need Custom Orthotics?

Dr. Foot Solutions - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why Do I Need Custom Orthotics? Is a question people are increasingly asking for a good reason.

 Are you sick of chronic injuries, back pain and being unable to run? Would like to address the cause?

Have you wondered whether restoring foot function rather than inhibiting motion may help?

Here at Dr Foot Solutions, we specialise in stimulating neural links from feet to brain so that your movement messengers (proprioception) are not inhibited. We do not have to use rigid custom orthotics. Our patients who have worn them, question why they were not offered the better alternative by their previous podiatrists and other health professionals. Overly supportive shoes and bulky rigid orthotics often become part of the problem.

We use also use light or photobiomodulation, in the form of medical laser, to treat pain and injury and promote healing. Medical laser is pain free with no known side effects, unlike injections or drugs. We also use a simple (but sophisticated) foot bed/insole that “weight trains” your foot muscles, as you walk, in shoe, with each step, called Barefoot Science.

With any injury, the treatment goal should NOT be to continually wear a splint or brace on any part of the anatomy including the foot. Instead, we should rehabilitate and restore foot function. There is no need to wear a custom made orthotic to achieve this. If you don’t need to wear them continually, why do you need custom orthotics in the first place?

Has your clinician told you there are over 250 ready-to-wear preformed orthotics on the market for health professional use? However there is only one Barefoot Science. It is not bulky, user friendly and is extremely effective and clinically proven. It works be creating “unstable” support to activate neglected muscles.

Call for an appointment to discover how easy it is to get out of your custom orthotics and orthopaedic depth shoes to accommodate their bulk. Our clinic and footgear showroom is located at Drummoyne, with on street parking and convenient to buses.

Call us on 02 9181 2113

Alternatively, Skype appointments are available for remote foot pain sufferers.



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