• "My patients have achieved better balance, less pronation
    and alleviated
    foot pain with
    David Carmont, Chiropractor, Grafton in NSW
  • "Natural gait is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person."
    Dr William Rossi, American Podiatrist & Footwear guru
  • "Bronwyn is the first person that’s been able to and interested in helping me.”
    J.H., NSW
  • "My feet feel so
    much better with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™! I can't believe that I wore my rigid orthotics for so long and in doing so was in so much pain."
    K.A., NSW
  • "I noticed a reduction of my back pain with


    L.W., VIC
  • "Bronwyn has always been interested in my problems and thinks outside the square."
    P.G., NSW
  • "I am very pleased

    with the results
    I'm getting with

    R.M., VIC
  • “… a miracle cure
    for my knee pain…
    It exceeded my
    T.H., NSW

Revolutionary and Evolutionary

 Dr Foot Solutions is proud to be the Australasian distributor of BAREFOOT SCIENCE™




"Over 90% of the feet I see do better without support orthotics. BAREFOOT SCIENCE™ is a rehabiilitation and foot strengtheniing insole system clinically proven to improve balance, decrease pain and build strong feet."


Bronwyn Cooper
Pain Podiatrist with better alternatives

Convenor Pod Laser SIG





Conveniently located in Sydney, we provide solutions to restore natural foot function and get people moving and walking pain free.


Our services include:


For the general public


You can purchase BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ and a range of physiological/ therapeutic and minimalist shoes directly from us. Please visit our online shop 



For Clients


 Specialised Problem Solving Podiatry Clinic based on proven techniques to rebuild strong feet, reclaim natural foot function and restore natural gait and running techniques


 Specialised Footwear Clinic we stock numerous brands of physiological/ therapeutic shoes (not “orthopaedic”), and some minimalist/ barefoot shoe brands


Telephone/ Skype Consultations— Bronwyn offers telephone or Skype consultations to remote sufferers or those who are unable to come to the clinic. Please contact us for more details


For Healthcare practitioners & Clinicians


Wholesale divisionAs the Australasian distributor of BAREFOOTSCIENCE™, we supply clinicians and therapists stock for the use in their clinics and patients
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Courses— Bronwyn now runs seminars/ workshops for healthcare practitioners to have better understanding on the clinical implications of footwear and barefoot function, both walking and running, and their patients' conditions.